Few causes and treatment option of tight hip flexor

Have you ever suffered pain around your hip? The cause of the pain can be various. One of them can be caused by something wrong in your hip flexor muscles. Because of this problem, you are considered suffered from Tight Hip Flexors strain. So, what is hip flexor muscle and what is hip flexor strain? Let’s discuss how to unlock hip flexors and get rid of this kind of pain.

Few Causes of Tight Hip Flexor Strain

For your information, hip flexor is considered as a group of muscle. This muscle is useful to keep your knee, leg and your body move naturally and normally. The problem appears when one or even more of the muscle is stretched. Commonly, it happens when you are doing hard activities such as kicking, sprinting, running, or sudden moving. Of course, you need to know how to prevent Hip Flexor Strain while doing your favorite sports. There are several things you should do; those are:

  1. You must do warming up before doing sports.
  2. Just be careful while doing sports.
  3. Prevent extreme or sudden movement which can give impact to the hip flexor muscle.

There is also a case that you have a weak muscle, stiff muscle, or trauma. Those cases will make you easily suffered from hip flexor strain. For that reason, it is a must for you to limit movement especially if you have been trauma or fall.

Those who have to sit all day long without any diverse physical activities or movement have the risk of many diseases. Long time sitting can tighten your muscle more. You can lose the flexibility of moving and working. Again, the hip flexor can cause by the over exercise. If you perform or overdo exercises, you might get hip flexor. So, intense exercises are prohibited if you have the problem of the hip flexor. However, only one or both reason can be responsible for tight hip flexor.

Mostly the weak muscle is prone to the tight hip flexor. So, if you have a weak muscle, there is a risk of this problem. However, the problem is not serious really if you want to overcome it. There are thousands of ways to get rid of the problem. You can do different exercises and stretches which can help you make your body movement flexible. Many people choose exercises randomly, but it is important to do exercises with the recommendation of the trained and skilled physician. If you do wrong exercises, you may invite more trouble and inflexibilities which will be difficult to control later.


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